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Helping Women Grieve During Sexual Betrayal

Affordable Counseling In Difficult Times

This is most likely the most difficult crisis of your life. You have recently discovered your husband's sexual infidelity and you feel like your world has been crushed. Yes, it's extremely painful but we have the acknowledge, expertise and compassion to help you through this dark time. 

You feel hopeless and overwhelmed. That is where I can help. I have a passion for assisting women who are dealing with the grief associated with betrayal. I will walk you through what to expect next and more importantly how to deal with it. I will help remove any misplaced shame you feel and work to assist you in getting all of the answers you need so you can understand what happened and why it took place. You are a victim and no one should ever place any blame on your shoulders for the destructive action taken by your spouse.   

To find out more about my services and how I can assist you call me at 404-788-8356
Teri Capparucci, MAHSC

Teri Capparucci, MAHSC
Marriage/Family Counselor