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What Clients Are Saying

What Clients Are Saying

"The day we met with Eddie and Teri was a very painful one for my husband and I. Two days earlier I had discovered he was involved in relationships with several women and I was crushed. I knew he was struggling with pornography but I did not realize he was meeting up with other people. We have 4 children and he was begging me not to divorce him but I was seeing no other way out. Eddie and Teri showed us how we could deal with the sense of hopelessness and work on our relationship. It was amazing to learn my husband's sexual addiction really was not about sex or me. That alone helped me tremenously. I came to realize he was broken and I needed to develop empathy for him. At the same time, he worked on discovering the reasons for his addiction and learning to become more emotionally connected with me. That was more than 18 months ago and today we are experiencing a marriage that is stronger than it has ever been. We are extremely grateful for the efforts of Eddie and Teri."  - Courtney Z.

"I was one to say I will never need counseling, but as soon as I started God really began to work in my life. This process has been some of the most challenging times in my life, but also the most rewarding! I highly recommend Eddie Capparucci as he is my counselor. Every session I have I come out feeling better about myself and the world around me. His approach is a 80/20 split of traditional counseling and biblical principle that has really helped me. Because I was afraid all I was going to get was a bible bashing session with the only advice was to pray more and be a better christian. I truly believe God lead me to abundant life counseling so I could walk in the emotional and spiritual health as I do now."
- Ryan S


"I really enjoy Eddie's style of counseling. Not only is he an excellent listener but he provides valuable insight that I have been able to utilize to turn around my way of thinking. I am in a much better place today thanks to his help. I would highly recommend him." - Carole J.


"When I went to Eddie I had little hope of overcoming my addiction to pornography. I had been lost in that dark world for years and when my wife discovered it I thought it was the end of my life. But he helped me understand not only was I one of many men who dealt with this problem but that I could have control of it. In working with him I came to understand the causes of my addiction and how to control my "addict". Today I am doing great and my marriage is back on the right track. Thanks Eddie!!!" - G.H.


"Our marriage was out of control and we were fighting constantly. But when Eddie told us the key was learning to "slow everything down" that is what got us started moving in the right direction. We learned how our love styles were different and how to have empathy for each other. It is an exciting time in our lives and Eddie had a great deal to do with that happening." G and T 

"I am a different person after working with Teri Capparucci. She understood my feelings and did not push me too hard during those times when I needed more encouragement before making decisions. Her approach was gentle yet I knew she wanted me to move forward and take the next step in my life that was greatly needed. I am happy to say I got there and I Teri played a major role in that happening."  Anne M.

"Before working with the folks at Abundant Life Counseling I often rated my depression & anxiety as floating between 7-10 out of 10 (painful)... Since then it hasn't been worse than a 3 for over a year... thank God for that! Specifically, Eddie Capparucci has demonstrated professionalism, understanding, insight, acceptance, and patience as we developed coping strategies with my illness. He demonstrated appropriate confrontation on issues that needed to be addressed, and has provided me a sound example of what it means to be a man. Since completing my rigorous counseling with Eddie I have felt closer to God, maintained excellent physical health, and experienced gratifying relationships as well as professional satisfaction. Keep your head up, and give them a call... Abundant Life Counseling is a great next step for you to try." - Charles V.