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Battling a Pornography Addiction? Married to a Sex Addict?

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Certified Sex Addiction and Marriage Counseling


At Abundant Life Counseling we help both the individual struggling with the addiction and their partner

Start on the path of recovery from sexual addiction today

       Learn how to heal your marriage after the betrayal

Stop feeling overwhelmed and helpless over his addiction

       Get the help you need to grieve the emotional pain

A sexual addiction can destroy your marriage. If you are a wife who is dealing with your husband's infidelity whether through an affair, pornography, strip clubs, or ecsorts we understand it feels like your world is collapsing around you. And for men trapped in sexual addiction we know the shame and guilt you are experiencing.
We are passionate about helping individuals and couples who are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and have little hope due to sexual addiction. But we will show you how you can become whole again and strengthen your relationship. We can help you defeat sexual addiction and take the steps needed to make your marriage stronger than ever before.

We also specialize in Grief and Crisis Counseling 

Working together we process your pain, while putting together a roadmap that can get you moving in the right direction again. Together we can make postive, life-lasting changes. Our goal is to help clients achieve peace of mind and release them from the pressure of life's anxiety and stress. We believe a healthy life is one that is balanced. But we also understand at times you can feel unsure of yourself thus becoming paralyzed with fear and making it difficult to determine what course to take next. If you are struggling let us help you get balanced so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. 

Other Services include: Anxiety, Depression, Marriage Counseling, Court-Referred Therapy, Premarital Counseling